How We Roll: The Last Milers

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    "Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time"

         -Steven Wright

"Last mile" has been used to describe the difficulty in getting people from transportation hubs like railway stations, bus depots, and ferry slips, to their final destination.

Three colorful Bostonians offer their solutions to the “last mile” commuter challenge.  Employing spirited footage, stimulating interviews and person-on-the-street reactions, they spur us to rethink urban transportation. They examine pros, cons and the possible future of using their favorite vehicles. They explore the benefits and consequences of urban growth and increasing traffic. The film encourages audiences to think about how they can make their cities and towns a better place.

While pondering alternative modes of transport on the horizon, viewers may ask: Are these “last milers” insightful visionaries, wicked agitators or exciting daredevils?

How We Roll  is a short doc film with consciousness and meaning in an enjoyable package.


  • I-Hsiun  “JacK” Fu 
  • Olivia Story
  • Jasmine Nicholas

NARRATED by Harry Zane

Written, Produced, Directed & Edited by Maryanne Galvin

Camera: Maryanne Galvin

Additional Camera/Photography:

  • Laura Homer
  • MaryKate O’Hara
  • Jack Fu
  • DL Melpignano

Post Production Consultant: David Eells

Stock Footage: & Pond 5

Wilhelm Scream/Music/Sound Consultant: D.L. Melpignano

Scratch Narration: Tom Campbell

Child Wranglers: MaryKate O’Hara & Kathy Ficarra

Dog Wrangler: Marcy Jackson

Stock Music: Pond 5  &

Also appearing:

  • Peyton O'Hara
  • Callum O'Hara
  • Richard Milano
  • Lyobe Tensae
  • John Dau
  • Otis Jackson

With gratitude to the people on the streets of Boston who agreed to appear (anonymously)

Official Selection Boston International Film Festival
Southern Cone International Film Festival, Chile, May 27, 2018
Release Date: 

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