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“At first it was interesting watching High, Fast and Wonderful. The second time I reviewed it, it was FUN! The third time, it took me on a spiritual journey. I’ll look differently at the goodness of the people who were portrayed in the film. A Spiritual presence is everywhere if you care to look. The price of admission is an open heart. The film reminded me that goodness and humanity can be found in each and every one of us. Maryanne Galvin’s spiritual journey brings each of us along for the ride, but most of all the film visualized the true meaning of dedication, hard work, and belief in ourselves and each other.”
Ray Flynn, Former US Ambassador to the Vatican and former Mayor of Boston
“In an age when so many commercially released films epitomize a dumbing down of America, and most radio plays music of a quintessentially banal nature, it’s always refreshing to recall that many musicians are still making important music, and many filmmakers are still making films that speak to our experience. Filmmaker Maryanne Galvin falls into this latter category with her deeply moving and thought-provoking High, Fast and Wonderful. Galvin is neither afraid of tackling the heavy subjects nor of being candid about her own experiences as she looks at life, death, faith and the supremely human gift of transcending the spectrum of our own eventual deaths while embracing and celebrating the joys of life, our individual gifts and callings. More than anything else, this is a human film.”
JG Hayes, Author, This Thing Called Courage.