Production Credits

Written, Produced & Directed by

Edited by

  • Maryanne Galvin
  • David Eells

Executive Producer

  • Janice LeBel

Production Assistance

  • Kristin Alexander
  • Catherine Donahue
  • Pat Gillis
  • Joanna Lu
  • Donna de Almeida
  • Ed Dalton
  • Joe Mulligan
  • Kara Difruscia

Camera Operators

  • Maryanne Galvin
  • Catherine Donahue
  • Cyndi Lenz
  • Dave Melpignano
  • Kristin Alexander

Music Courtesy of:

Graphics/Effects/Animation/Color Correction

Sound Design

  • David Eells

Additional Footage/Clips Courtesy of:

  • The Blue Room Directed by Ben Moorhouse
  • Clandestinos Directed by Antonio Hens
  • Almaritsu Directed by Damien Montaron
  • CNN, ABC, 60 Minutes II (Fair Use)
  • Prelinger Archives Library 

Photos Courtesy of:

  • Karen and Bob Wilson
  • Anna Moore
  • Jean Bowden
  • Dave Altimari
  • The Hartford Courant
  • Michael Carey

FACTS about this Fabulous Crew

In addition to their contributions as camera operators & production assistants, members of this talented production team work in the fields of nursing, social work, teaching, architecture, law and accounting (retired).

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