Seed & Sprout: Growing the Food Rescue Revolution

SeedSprout trailer

Gleaning cabbage down south
Youngster gleaning produce
Volunteering as a family makes gleaning more fun!
Gleaners in action
Boulder Food Rescue 24/7 on bikes in every season
Child Gleaning Yams in Georgia
Rescued produce means more nutritional options

In 2015, one in six American experienced hunger while over 40% of food produced in the USA went uneaten. Seed & Sprout travels coast to coast across America and visits eight innovative food rescue initiatives as they seek to bridge the gap between want and waste. From prison farms and grocery store donations delivered solely by bicycle, to gleaning from Harvard University dining halls, these go-getters encourage a whole new generation of creative responses to ending hunger and shrinking landfills. Their focus is on morphing discarded healthy food into nourishment. They examine sources of wasted food, cracks in our nation's food donation system and provide feasible solutions. Their objective is to enrich the health of our planet and its residents. Seed & Sprout asks: can ordinary people end hunger in America by redistributing a small percentage of wasted food flooding our food system and landfills? Character driven stories bring this discussion to the dinner table through personal interviews and captivating images that will stimulate viewers to digest and take action.

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