Thanatos Rx: The Death Penalty Debate in America

Thanatos Rx presents an even-handed, nonpartisan examination of the many facets of the death penalty debate in America. Thanatos Rx journeys beyond myopic sound bites and static polls to a deeply personal exploration of the debate.

Interspersed with powerful and rare archival footage and original photographs are exclusive interviews with those most touched by Capital Punishment. Innocence, deterrence, retribution and closure for families of homicide victims are some the the topics examined through the eyes of a "volunteer" on Federal Death Row and a murderer who narrowly escaped the electric chair in Massachusetts.

Interviews with families of murder victims, District Attorneys and legal scholars at prestigious law schools, The Innocence Project and Amnesty International illustrate the emotional complexities of the issue.

Producer and Director: Maryanne Galvin, an independent filmmaker, holds both an MFA from Emerson College, Boston and a doctorate in psychology from UMASS/ Amherst. She has produced several films for the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health dealing with suicide detection in corrections settings, and assessment / treatment of high risk offenders.

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